Helmet Wireless LED Brake & Indicator Light

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We all know that 90% of motorbike fatalities are caused by other vehicle drivers "not seeing you". For whatever reason they may have, it's up to us to take the initiative always AND protect ourselves in every way we can for our sake and that of our loved ones.

These Brake and Indicator Turn Lights are providing huge security for motorcyclists all over the world. They provide the visibility you need and they can save lives. The bright LED light ensures the driver behind you can clearly see what it is you are doing, whether it be in the middle of the day or most importantly when visibility diminishes during foggy days and at night.    


Take action to protect yourself and protect your family from unnecessary worry or concern while you are out doing what you love.


This Wireless Helmet Brake Light has one transmitter and one 8-LEDs receiver which is very bright even in the daytime. The receiver consists of 8 LED light bulbs. When you apply the brake, the brake light unit will send a signal to the receiver. The receiver will light up to ensure your safety. Enjoy your ride knowing that you'll be safe!

Very easy installation, done in minutes! Detailed instructions are provided.


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Package Includes:
CE Wireless LED Brake and Turn Light
Transmitter Box
Instruction Manual 
Screw Driver

45 Day - 100% Money Back Guarantee

Check certification in country of destination before purchase.


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